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31. May - 03. June 2021

In close cooperation with the Music In Africa Foundation, Reeperbahn Festival International worked on a four-day program consisting of networking events, curated 1:1 matchmaking sessions with top decision makers in the African music and creative industries, panels, keynotes, insightful digital company visits to key African music companies, and a hybrid showcase experience with European and African artists. This spring, Reeperbahn Festival International PAN-AFRIKA was explicitly intended to be Pan-African, just like the partner event Acces with its changing locations on the continent. The last Acces took place in Autumn 2019 in Accra, Ghana, and in November 2021 it will be held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.

Part of the event was an additional songwriting camp for writers, producers and artists from both continents, which took place the week before the event, organised by ROBA Music Publishing. More info here.

Monday, 31. May /
Tuesday, 1. June /
Wednesday, 2. June /
Thursday, 3. June

Kick Off

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For the first time, Reeperbahn Festival International will offer a pan-African event. What is the background? Wha ...

For the first time, Reeperbahn Festival International will offer a pan-African event. What is the background? What experts from the music- and creative industries are taking part? And what will be on the four-day program? At the kick-off event in Hamburg's Knust club, these and other topics will be clarified. The event will mark the official kick-off for the delegation of Reeperbahn Festival Pan-Africa to begin networking and will serve as an introduction to our African partner, the Music In Africa Foundation.

Showcase Concert

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Directly after the kick-off, the showcase concert will continue at the Nochtspeicher. In a hybrid concert, selec ...

Directly after the kick-off, the showcase concert will continue at the Nochtspeicher. In a hybrid concert, selected bands and solo artists will introduce themselves live from Africa and Europe and thereby build an intercontinental bridge. The showcase will offer them a stage to present themselves in front of important industry- and media representatives and a public audience in other respective target markets. You can look forward to performances by AWA Khiwe, Kelvyn Colt, TEMS, Yugen Blakrok.


    Adélaïde Deffond (fra)

    Universal Music France (label)

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    © Adélaïde Deffond

    Job Description: A&R International

    Search: Labels, Artist Management, Publishing

    Offer: A&R, Label

    Company: Universal Music France

    We are the French branch of Universal Music Group (UMG), the world's largest music- and entertainment company. From vaudeville and classical to rap, rock, and pop, our catalog brings together numerous icons as well as many important newcomers.

    Aivar Laan (est, USA)

    FanSifter (fan-data-management)

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    © Herkki Erich Merila

    Job Description: Founder/CEO

    Search: Artist Management, Labels, Promo, Live, Events, Venues, Agencies, Marketing, Media, Advertising

    Offer: Fan-Data Management, Customer-Data Platform, Data Partners, Fan Activation, Analytics, Marketing, Consulting

    Company: FanSifter

    We provide a digital infrastructure for managing fan data. Based in Tallinn, our management tool uses machine learning to generate more revenue for rights holders (tickets, music, merch, sponsorship).

    Alexander Warnke (GER)

    PRO Agency (management-agency, international-neighboring-rights-collection)

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    © Alexander Warnke

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: Network Expansion in Africa

    Offer: Collection of Neighboring Rights

    Company: PRO Agency

    We are one of the leading agencies in the international music rights. Specialized in neighboring rights, we are currently expanding our network in Africa and are therefore looking for new contacts.

    Anthony Larbi (gbr, LBR)

    On Da Beat / 231Drill (label, management, Artist Development, studio, production)

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    Job Description: Co-Founder/Artist Manager

    Search: Sync, Live, Marketing, Label Partners in Africa

    Offer: Production, Distribution

    Company: On Da Beat / 231Drill

    We are a production- and management company from London that views itself as a bridge between the UK and the diaspora. Rooted in British rap, we offer our artists their own studio and have recently also begun to focus on trap and drill from Monrovia/Liberia with 231Drill.

    Benjamin Levy (fra)

    BL Music / Paris New York Heritage Festival (booking, festival, live)

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    © Benjamin Levy

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: Live, Artist Management, Festivals, Agents

    Offer: Live, Artist Management, Consulting (Booking)

    Company: BL Music / Paris New York Heritage Festival

    We are a booking agency that has been operating since 2007 in the Paris area. Using our many years of experience with other festivals (e.g., Nice Jazz, JVC Jazz Paris), we have recently created the Paris New York Heritage Festival and also work on many tour productions (mainly jazz, soul, funk, world).

    Christophe Quemin (esp)

    Get Your Acts Together (GYAT) (live, artist-management, events, recording)

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    © Christophe Quemin

    Job Description: CEO/Booking Agent

    Search: Labels, Live, Distribution

    Offer: Live, Management, Development

    Company: Get Your Acts Together (GYAT)

    We are an Ibiza-based company that has been active for 15 years and stems from our booking/touring activities for Nouvelle Vague. We support our acts internationally and always focus on the highest-quality live musicians.

    Claire Diboa (fra)

    2C Production (management-agency, live-streaming)

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    © Claire Diboa

    Job Description: Managing Director

    Search: Live, Tour Agents

    Offer: to promote upcoming african diaspora artists and help them to perform worldwide

    Company: 2C Production

    We are a fairly young agency from the Paris area. Since the company was founded in 2018, our artists have benefitted from our many years of experience in the fields of management and concert- / event production.

    Colm O’Herlihy (isl)

    INNI (publishing, label, studio)

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    © Alex Soutre

    Job Description: Co-Founder

    Search: Co-Writing Options, Distribution, Sync, Film

    Offer: Market Access in Iceland, Co-Writing, Publishing Network, Scores

    Company: INNI

    We are a small music-publishing company from Reykjavik. As both label- and studio operators, my partner, Atli Örvarsson (who has worked with film composer Hans Zimmer, among others), and I offer start-up help in the Icelandic market in addition to a lot of exciting music.

    Dan Glaunsinger (GER)

    ROBA Music Publishing (publishing)

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    © Tim Adrian Opel

    Job Description: A&R Manager

    Search: Songwriting opportunities

    Offer: Network of high profile writer

    Company: ROBA Music Publishing

    ROBA Music Publishing represents a broad and international catalogue. Some of the most renowned songwriters, world-renowned publishers and promising new talents have found their home at ROBA Music.

    Diaraye Barry (fra)

    OTHANTIQ AA (label, artist-management, publishing, talent-scouting, music-production)

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    © Diaraye Barry

    Job Description: Label Manager

    Search: Distribution, Marketing, Sync Projects, Live Options

    Offer: Label, Artist Management, Consulting, Workshops

    Company: OTHANTIQ AA

    We are a young company – both a label and a publisher – that was founded in 2020 by Blick Bassy with the vision of creating a network "by an artist for other artists." We are convinced that fairer and more-profitable business models can be realized.

    Dr. Joern Radloff (gbr)

    Amazon Music (streaming)

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    © Dr. Joern Radloff

    Job Description: Head of Music Publishing (ex Americas)

    Search: Publishing, Sync

    Offer: DSP (Music-/Podcast-Streaming)

    Company: Amazon Music

    We are one of the world's leading streaming platforms for music and podcasts. We are currently working to connect the Western music ecosystem with Asian markets.

    Frank-Peter Leffler (GER)

    Kontor New Media (distribution)

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    © Frank-Peter Leffler

    Job Description: Director Music & Audio

    Search: Discussion, New Partner Labels

    Offer: Distribution, Label Services

    Company: Kontor New Media

    We are one of the largest independent distributors in Europe. I work on developing new strategies from our Hamburg office and am looking for new partner labels and artists from the indie field at the Festival.

    Garry Yankson (fra)

    Ready Or Not Records (label, publishing, artist-management, marketing)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: Labels, Publishing, Distribution, Live

    Offer: Label, Publishing, Marketing

    Company: Ready Or Not Records

    We are an internationally oriented music- and event-production company based in Paris that focuses mainly on genres such as hip-hop, electro, and Afrobeats. Our central mission is to spread and promote the values and culture of hip-hop.

    Georg Milz

    Outhere Records (label)

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    Job Description: Label Manager

    Search: Label, Artist Management, Distribution, Live, Marketing

    Offer: Label, Publishing, Distribution

    Company: Outhere Records

    Georg Milz AW is representing AWA Khiwe who is performing at the showcase evening of Reeperbahn Festival Pan-Africa. Georg runs Outhere Records, a Label for African music. Born out of a passion for the culture of today. Always excited to find out what Africa will sound like tomorrow.

    Géraldine Zanaska (gbr, fra)

    Compass Music (consulting, b2b, artist-management, music-technology)

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    © Géraldine Zanaska

    Job Description: Founder/Director

    Search: Labels, Publishing, Artist Management, Distribution, Live, Marketing

    Offer: Consulting, B2B Events/Communication/Marketing

    Company: Compass Music

    We are a consulting agency based in London that specializes in the international-music industry. Our services include strategy/consulting, project management, and B2B events/marketing (for labels, festivals, organizations, etc.). This year, we are launching our digital networking platform, Lighthouse.

    Heikki Eiden (GER)

    Eiden Music Agency (booking, live, artist-management)

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    © Heikki Eiden

    Job Description: CEO/Head of Booking

    Search: Live, Artists

    Offer: Booking

    Company: Eiden Music Agency

    We are an internationally operating booking- and management agency from Wiesbaden, Germany, that has been active since 2007. Specialized in club- and festival shows, we develop appropriate strategies in close cooperation with our artists.

    Jacob Sylvester Bilabel (GER)

    Green Music Initiative (research, innovation)

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    © Jacob Sylvester Bilabel

    Job Description: Founder

    Search: Network Expansion: Festival & Music Industry

    Offer: Insights into European Research- and Innovation Processes

    Company: Green Music Initiative

    We are a pan-European research- and innovation network based in Berlin that is dedicated to promoting a climate-compatible live- and entertainment industry. We currently cooperate with over 150 cross-industry partners.

    Julie Poncelet (bel)

    Beats’n’Roots (management-agency, booking, events)

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    © Yves MORA

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: Labels, Publishers, Live- & Booking Partners

    Offer: Artist Management, Booking, Event Production

    Company: Beats’n’Roots

    We build bridges between traditional and contemporary music, between different arts and continents. Our agency, based in Belgium, works intensively on networking African and European artists.

    Kim Mathei (GER)

    space artist management (artist-management, recording, Product Development)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: Founder & CEO

    Search: Publishing, Distribution, Live, Marketing

    Offer: Networking

    Company: space artist management

    Kim Mathei is representing Kelvyn Colt who is performing at the showcase evening of Reeperbahn Festival Pan-Africa. Space artists management is a full service artist management handling everything besides the crafting of the art for our artists. From administrative work (such as finances, investments, personal assisting) to career buliding, brand cooperations, PR, etc. Space music records is a recordlabel where we provide artists a team of creatives, label manager, music manager and PR manager. Space product development helps artists to bring every product idea to life, doesn’t matter if it’s a drink, a book, a toy, stationary or a whole clothing collection.

    Lucile Delrieu Alauzy (fra)

    KAA PRODUCTION / SIDEKICK (label, publishing)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Lucile Delrieu Alauzy

    Job Description: Creative Sync & Licensing Manager

    Search: Contact with Music Supervisors

    Offer: 4.000 Tracks


    We are a company from Toulouse with many years of experience in the fields of production and publishing. While our own label, Sidekick, specializes more in electro, pop, and deep house, the publishing division also covers various other genres.

    Magni Sørløkk (nor)

    Playground Music Scandinavia (label, sales)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Magni Sørløkk

    Job Description: A&R/Promotion Manager

    Search: Live, Marketing

    Offer: Distribution, Label

    Company: Playground Music Scandinavia

    We are currently the largest Scandinavian indie label network, with offices in seven cities between Malmö and Tallinn. In addition to our four own labels, we represent and distribute numerous local and international labels in the far north.

    Mandy Aubry (nld)

    Songtrust (publishing)

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    © Mandy Aubry

    Job Description: Director Business Development EMEA & APAC

    Search: creators and rightsholders

    Offer: Publishing Administration

    Company: Songtrust

    We are the world's largest and leading royalty collection service and publishing administrator. We support songwriters, musicians, and rights holders by providing them with the most-extensive publishing network in the music industry.

    Maraike Cordes (GER)

    Euphorie UG (label, management-agency)

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    © Kristin Lehne

    Job Description: Management Assistant/Label Product Manager

    Search: Künstler*innen, Labels, Live, Marketing

    Offer: Label, Künstler*innenmanagement

    Company: Euphorie UG

    An artist-management business and indie label with offices in Hamburg and Berlin, we are pop-culture accelerators. Since 2013, our mission has been to support artists in realizing their goals.

    Marion Chapdelaine (fra)

    Mama Chap (artist-management, live-production)

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    © Maraike Cordes

    Job Description: Manager

    Search: Artist Management, Live

    Offer: Artist Management, Live

    Company: Mama Chap

    We are an artist-management- and tour-production company that has been active for five years. In addition to Tuareg bands (including Imarhan) and solo artists such as Stranded Horse, we also manage festivals and other international projects.

    Martin “Meska” Willumeit (GER)

    Jugglerz Records (label, production)

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    © Martin Willumetix

    Job Description: Producer/DJ/CEO

    Search: Artists, Features

    Offer: Beats, Collabs (with Artists from Germany)

    Company: Jugglerz Records

    We are an award-winning DJ- and producer crew (dancehall, hip hop, pop) from Konstanz. In addition to our internationally successful DJ sound system and many live activities, we have run our eponymous label as a joint venture with Universal Music since 2012.

    Max Weissenfeldt (GER, gha)

    Philophon/Edition Mavawe/Joy Sound Studios (label, publishing, production, artist-management)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Max Weissenfeldt

    Job Description: Owner/Producer/Manager

    Search: Marketing

    Offer: Publishing

    Company: Philophon/Edition Mavawe/Joy Sound Studios

    We are an indie label based in Berlin-Kreuzberg and have our own production studio in Kumasi (Ghana) – the Joy Sound Studios. We release exclusively in-house productions.

    Meenal Odedra (gbr)

    The Music Assistant (label, publishing, artist-management, distribution, live, marketing)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: Founder

    Search: Companies who I can assist

    Offer: assistant services in: Admin, Marketing, PR, Project Management, Social Media, Events, Short further info on your company etc

    Company: The Music Assistant

    The Music Assistant is an assistant service tailored to the music industry. Having worked in all corners of the industry (Major Labels, Publishing, Small Music Companies) I have a great advantage and utilised my skills in each role to create a unique company that can help anyone and everyone in the music industry! The Music Assistant works at an hourly rate, which means it is ideal for small companies and artists who are not able to fully commit to hiring someone year-round.

    Morgan Kaye (GER)

    Paradise Publishing (publishing)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Morgan Kaye

    Job Description: Publishing & Rights Manager

    Search: Sync Options, International Networking, Showcase Concerts

    Offer: Publishing Administration, Networking Afrika-ROW

    Company: Paradise Publishing

    We are a modern, international service agency with a focus on publishing administration. We serve artists and labels from a wide range of genres at our various locations (including Berlin, Germany, and Johannesburg, South Africa).

    Nicky Böhm (GER)

    (shesaidso-ambassador, diversity-and-inclusion-advocate)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Willi Boehm

    Search: Information Exchange about Diversity & Inclusion in the Music Industry

    Offer: Networking, Experience

    I am a freelancer from Berlin with years of experience as a label- and product manager (including !K7, BPitch Control, Kitty-Yo). I would especially like to use the festival framework to push forward the discussion about diversity and inclusion in the industry.

    Norbert Hausen (GER)

    Jazzhaus Artists (booking, management-agency, label, live)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Norbert Hausen

    Job Description: Booking Agent/Manager

    Search: Network Expansion

    Offer: Network Expansion

    Company: Jazzhaus Artists

    We are an internationally active tour operator from Freiburg. Beyond musical or geographical borders, we always strive for a close partnership with artists and bands, for whom we develop sustainable strategies.

    Pamela Owusu-Brenyah (GER)

    Pop-Kultur Festival / Afro x Pop (live, festival)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Pamela Owusu-Brenyah

    Job Description: Festival Curator/Freelance A&R

    Search: Artists, Network Development, Digital Innovation

    Offer: Insights into the Afro-German Music Scene, Live

    Company: Pop-Kultur Festival / Afro x Pop

    We are an international, interdisciplinary festival organized by Musicboard Berlin GmbH. Our program consists of the four pillars of Live Music, Young Talent, Networking, and Local Music. In addition, there is a community platform designed to give more visibility to Afro x Pop.

    Pieter Tanis (nld)

    Next Era Publishing, NAMAM / Ownit & Toemallang (publishing, label, distribution, artist-management)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Pieter Tanis

    Job Description: A&R/Artist Manager

    Search: Publishing, Labels, Artist Management, Songwriters, Producers, Artists

    Offer: Publishing, Label, Artist Management, Songwriters, Producers

    Company: Next Era Publishing, NAMAM / Ownit & Toemallang

    We are an independent publisher from Amsterdam that represents artists such as Laidback Luke and the Trackmasters. In addition, we also offer a label-services platform with Ownit (e.g., Yung Felix) and operate the largest artist-management agency in Holland with NAMAM (e.g., Lil Kleine, Dopebwoy).

    Rainer Scheerer (GER)

    Springstoff GmbH (label, publishing, artist-management)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Patrick Vogel

    Job Description: CEO/Owner

    Search: Sub-Publishers, Sync Projects, New Artists, Distribution, Booking, Festivals

    Offer: Sub-Publishing in DE, Label Services, Consulting on Market Entry in DE

    Company: Springstoff GmbH

    We are a Berlin-based music company (label, publisher, artist manager, event coordinator). In line with the motto "empowering music," we place special emphasis on education/workshops and the promotion of women in the music world.

    Ralph Klöss-Schuster (GER)

    deedy music (artist-management, publishing, administration)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Ralph Klöss-Schuster

    Job Description: Founder/CEO

    Search: Network Expansion

    Offer: Sync, Live, Labels

    Company: deedy music

    We are an agency from Berlin-Kreuzberg that is dedicated to artist management and specializes in developing new talent. We represent a broad roster (including James Hersey, Roger Rekless, narou, and Scott Quinn) and want to further expand our network.

    Rebekka Paas (GER)

    RPPR Kulturprojekte (live, music-production, marketing, pr, management-agency, Funding)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Stefan Maier

    Job Description: Cultural Manager (Freelance)

    Search: Live, Labels, Artist Management

    Offer: Live, Production, Marketing, Management, Funding

    Company: RPPR Kulturprojekte

    I work as a freelance cultural manager and support mainly jazz bands and musicians in tour management, production, PR, and funding. I am currently looking for new international contacts in the live sector.

    Robert Gál (hun)

    WM Music Distribution (distribution, music-licensing, rights-management, marketing, promotion, artist-management)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Robert Gál

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: Potential Partners and Projects

    Offer: Distribution, Artist Management

    Company: WM Music Distribution

    We are a music distributor from Budapest that primarily specializes in licensing and rights management as well as in marketing and promo. In addition to a distribution network, we also offer a lot of digital expertise as our services are very much centered around social-media activities.

    Rodrigue Mercier (fra)

    AFX Agency (booking, management)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Rodrigue Mercier

    Job Description: Booking Agent

    Search: Live

    Offer: Live

    Company: AFX Agency

    We are one of the leading agencies in France in the field of alternative global music. Based in Lyon, we produce around 500 shows a year all over the world.

    Silvia Nocentini (ita)

    NoOx Worldwide srl (ar, talent-scouting, management, consulting, strategy)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Silvia Nocentini

    Job Description: CEO/A&R/Manager

    Search: Live, Brands, Collabs, Distribution, Music Supervisors, Labels, Artists

    Offer: Creative Direction, Content Creation, Playlists, Consulting, A&R

    Company: NoOx Worldwide srl

    We are a startup that brings young and contemporary culture from Africa to Italy. As art directors and strategists, we develop and manage our artists/producers and thereby bring the AFRO URBAN genre to Europe.

    Simeon Pranger (nld)

    Treetop Agency (booking, management-agency, event-organization)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Simeon Pranger

    Job Description: Founder/Agent

    Search: New Talent, Live- & Label Partners

    Offer: Booking in the Netherlands / Europe

    Company: Treetop Agency

    We are a booking agency based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Also active in management, events, and PR, we currently represent artists from 17 countries.

    Stefanie Schumann (GER)

    Delicious Tunes (booking, live-streaming, management-agency, label, publishing)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Nelly Kufner

    Job Description: CEO/Founder

    Search: Artists, Publishers, Physical Distribution, PR Agents

    Offer: Live, Management, Publisher, Label

    Company: Delicious Tunes

    We are a management- and booking agency from Munich that has also been active as a publisher and label for a few years. Specialized in booking/tour production for African artists from the our agency’s very beginning, we also advise our acts in matters of sound, marketing, strategy, etc.

    Susan Montgomery (gbr)

    23rd Precinct Music/Notting Hill Music (publishing)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Susan Montgomery

    Job Description: Senior Music Publisher/A&R Südostasien

    Search: A&R, Sync

    Offer: Publishing, Co-Writing, Sync

    Company: 23rd Precinct Music/Notting Hill Music

    We are an independent music publisher based in Glasgow. We work closely with Notting Hill Music and represent our songwriters throughout the UK.

    Wilfried Boni (fra)

    SALT N’ GINGER MUSIC (publishing, artist-management, music-production)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Wilfried Boni

    Job Description: Founder/Label Manager

    Search: Labels, Publishing, Artist Management, Distribution, Live, Marketing

    Offer: Publishing, Artist Management


    We are a small company from Lille dedicated to production, artist management, and publishing. The name Salt N' Ginger stands for the unconditional desire for innovation in the field of contemporary world music.