Due to the B.1.1.529 Covid variant currently circulating in South Africa, we have decided (in close consultation with our partner Music in Africa Foundation) to cancel the Reeperbahn Festival International presentation on 26 and 27 November 2021, which would have taken place for ACCES on location in Johannesburg. The health of all those participating in attendance is our first priority. 
The announced matchmaking will instead be hosted on the digital Reeperbahn Festival conference platform as soon as possible. Further information will be available here over the following days.

Reeperbahn Festival International

The music and creative industry is growing closer together every day and is at the same time more complex and multi-layered than ever: With the support of the German Foreign Office, Reeperbahn Festival International offers a group of small and medium-sized companies, as well as promising new artists, a way into the heart of the action of established and emerging global markets.

The Components

Each Reeperbahn Festival International event is composed of the four main components Sessions & Company Visits, Matchmaking and Showcase.

Sessions & Company Visits

The Sessions program offers insider knowledge and trend scouting in the local markets: During exclusive company visits, decision makers from companies in the respective destination give the Reeperbahn Festival International Delegates insights into their music industry - and high-caliber curated panels, interviews, keynotes and/or workshops, current and market-relevant trends are presented and discussed.


Exclusively curated matchmaking events help the Reeperbahn Festival International Delegation to establish targeted connections with important decision makers and potential business partners in the target markets.


The showcase offers selected new and upcoming bands and solo artists a stage to present themselves in front of important industry and media representatives as well as a public audience - while affiliated management will be involved as part of the delegation in networking with the local music and creative industries.