Apply now as a delegate

We cordially invite European music businesses to apply to participate as a delegate in our Reeperbahn Festival International events. The focus is on small and medium-sized companies, though we are open to others as well. 

The prerequisite for application is a concrete interest in the music and creative industry in the target market to be selected below as well as an activity in the areas of label, publishing, distribution, management, marketing/promotion, booking/live or a related digital/creative business field.

A successful application as a delegate allows free participation in the full exclusive program elements Kick-Off Reception, Company Visits and Matchmakings, as well as Showcase and Sessions in the form of Panel, Keynotes and/or Workshops.

It is possible to participate in the program parts Showcase and Sessions, without being part of the selected delegation, via the Reeperbahn Festival Conference Platform (registration €6,59). In addition to the mentioned program points of all target markets, you also get the possibility to connect with all registered users of the platform and browse past sessions.

Interested artists for the participation in one of the showcase components have the possibility to apply here.

Mark here for which event(s) you are applying as a delegate. Participation in several or even all events is possible - as long as the participation for each of the target markets is convincingly presented in the application.

If you have already participated as a delegate in a Reeperbahn Festival International event in the past, please describe the results of your participation in one of the text fields.

The events will primarily take place at the Reeperbahn Festival Conference Platform. With a very cautious view on the developments regarding the Europe-wide pandemic, a physical part in Hamburg is planned for the European delegates for these four events. Decisions on whether it is possible to extend these invitations will be made in reasonable time before each event. In any case, it will be ensured that all selected delegates can participate in the program online only.


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