Lisa Riepe, Germany
Head of Sales & Marketing Zebralution
Reeperbahn Festival New York 2022 

"A diverse and international network is essential for me to support artists creatively and effectively. The A2IM Indie Week in New York not only means broadening personal horizons, but also helps the global independent scene to grow together. The Reeperbahn Festival International creates the perfect setting there to deepen this exchange."

Andrew Campbell, Germany
CEO, Steam Music
Reeperbahn Festival New York 2022

„Thanks to RBF International we had the great opportunity to be part of the New York delegation visiting the A2IM Indie Week. Because of that we where able to expand our network in the US market, especially in sync and music publishing. As a final outcome, and because of the efforts RBF took, we where able to open Steam Music Group LLC in Los Angels, as the first, originally Berlin based Sync- and Publishing company with an US office."

Daniel Glaunsinger, Germany
Head of A&R, ROBA
Reeperbahn Festival New York 2022 

"Having the chance to be part of the delegation at Reeperbahn Festival New York and to visit A2IM Indie Week made me very happy. The networking opportunities with the industry professionals on site and within the delegation allowed for great projects as results such as joint writing sessions, songwriting camps and publishing opportunities. Special highlight for me was the organization of the All female, trans & non-binary digital songwriting camp in collaboration with RBFI and Keychange, where we were able to meet and network with great writers, producers and artists.“

and Reeperbahn Festival Pan-Africa 2021 (digital/hybrid)

"Through the newly gained impressions and experiences about the African markets, we were able to sign Biko King and Yustinez ZA, two great African musicians, artists and producers, who were able to create a song with Azad, Dardan, Yustinez ZA - Money, which entered the German single charts at number 97.

Judyth Babin, France
Founder/ CEO, Manag'Art / Grain(s) de Riz 
Reeperbahn Festival New York 2022 

"Being part of Reeperbahn Festival New York delegation was an unique experience. Indeed, I’ve met several companies during A2IM Indie Week which led to signing one of my artist with an american sync company. I've also met the organisators of a conference who asked me to be jury and speaker at their next conference. The company visits organized by Reeperbahn Festival International were stimulating, too.“ 

Björn Mathes, Germany
CEO, FerryHouse
Reeperbahn Festival New York 2022

"The international editions of the Reeperbahn Festival are a unique opportunity to gain direct insights into other markets and generate valuable contacts. Last but not least, the alliances with high-quality industry and association partners on site this year have again contributed to the fact that the New York Edition of the Reeperbahn Festival will remain in my memory as an informative and first-class networking event."

Jennifer Gunn, Norway
former Artist Manager, Made Management / now project manager for international operations, Music Norway
Reeperbahn Festival Beijing 2019

"Participating in Reeperbahn Festival Beijing has opened so many new doors for both me as a manager and the artists I represent. One of them even released a track in collaboration with Sony Music China."

Amelia McCloskey, UK
Founder/ CEO, AM Sync Ltd./ AM Licensing
Reeperbahn Festival New York 2020 & 2021 (digital/hybrid)

"We were thrilled to have been able to participate at Reeperbahn Festival New York. We made some fantastic signings with various music companies, and a potential co-write." 

Frank-Peter Leffler, Germany
Director Music, & Audio, Kontor New Media
Reeperbahn Festival Nashville/Beijing 2020 (digital/hybrid)

"After last year's Reeperbahn Festival International hybrid event in Berlin, we were able to sign a distribution contract with a label and take over their digital distribution outside of China. We were also able to get in touch with Chinese promo agencies that we recommend as network partners to our distribution labels if they want to promote their content better in China - which is extremely useful for us."

Adélaïde Deffond, France
International A&R, Universal Music France
Reeperbahn Festival Pan-Africa 2021 (digital/hybrid)

"I applied as a delegate for the Reeperbahn Festival Pan-Africa to meet new partners and grow our network. The digital conference platform made it easy to connect, with the help of great networking and matchmaking tools."

Chen Cheng, Germany
Manager Product/Workflow Development, Zebralution
Reeperbahn Festival Beijing 2021 (digital/hybrid)

"Developing the Chinese music market is one of the most important strategic steps of our company; participating Reeperbahn Festival Beijing has allowed me to gain more insights into the market and network with local professionals."

Gernot Müller, Germany
Founder, Voltage Circus
Reeperbahn Festival Nashville 2021 (digital/hybrid)

"Reeperbahn Festival Nashville was great for me because it helped me connect with different companies that were interested in my music marketing services and helped me close deals with them."

Sarah-Jane Nicholsen, Germany
MD, Paradise Africa (a Division of Paradise Worldwide)
Reeperbahn Festival Accra 2019 

"After attending Reeperbahn Festival Accra my life was changed forever and Paradise Africa Distribution was born. With a focus on the artists and executives from Africa to the world, Paradise Worldwide is now a Global entity with a vision to develop African music & the exciting new genres it represents.Thanks to Reeperbahn Festival International for the opportunity!"

Simeon Pranger, Netherlands
Owner, Treetop Agency
Reeperbahn Festival International (digital/hybrid)

"Thanks to our participation at various Reeperbahn Festival International we managed to achieve meaningful collaborations both with the international partners as well as our fellow delegates. Amongst other things, we created a sync shop for unpublished artists with an influential north-american sync-platform and even found a GSA booking agent within the delegation for several of your artists."

Felipe Mina Calvo, UK
Booking Agent, ATC Live
Reeperbahn Festival Nashville/Beijing 2020 (digital/hybrid)

"I was able to connect with colleagues from China and the United States due to my participation at Reeperbahn Festival International and develop new relations and getting a real sense of what is happening in other parts of the world in these uncertain times."

Anthony Larbi, UK
Artist Manager & Co-Founder, On Da Beat / 231Drill 
Reeperbahn Festival Pan-Africa 2021 (digital/hybrid)

"I participated at Reeperbahn Festival Pan Africa to learn and network about the music moving the diaspora. After the first day I had already gained and shared experiences. I’m looking forward to building and bringing this awareness to the team."

Victor Mihailescu, Romania
Founder, Underdog Records + Loud Biscuit Publishing
Reeperbahn Festival New York 2020 (digital/hybrid)

"Due to my participation at Reeperbahn Festival New York I joined venture with a global publisher, started our own local publishing branch, collaborated and released music with a global distributor and started a Music TV channel."

Nina Condron, UK
Director, Horus Music Limited & My Client Zone 
Reeperbahn Festival Nashville 2021 (digital/hybrid)

"I attended Reeperbahn Festival Nashville and from the event we signed many new label services clients and met with current DSP partners and label clients. The quality of the vetted matches, the speakers, and delegates are always top notch, and I’d highly recommend it."

Jacob Sylvester Bilabel, Germany
Founder,  Green Music Initiative & Everywh2ere Hydrogen
Reeperbahn Festival New York 2021 (digital/hybrid)

"With the industry in forced full stop in these pandemic times it became even clearer that we have to build back better if we want a sustainable future for the music sector. These needed transformations call for a cross sectoral approach getting all the brains, hands and hearts on the table. Reeperbahn Festival New York offered great opportunities to kick start these processes from a transatlantical perspective."

Mandy Aubry, The Netherlands
Director of Business Development EMEA & APAC, Songtrust
Reeperbahn Festival Pan-Africa 2021 (digital/hybrid)

"I was very pleased to be selected as a delegate for Reeperbahn Festival Pan-Africa.  The event's objective aligns completely with Songtrust's continuing mission to bring access to music publishing education and global music publishing administration to the African music industry."

Simone Schiborr, Germany
Senior Manager Editorial & Label Relations, Deezer
Reeperbahn Festival New York 2020 & 2021 (digital/hybrid)

"This was already my second time as Reeperbahn Festival New York Delegate as part of A2IM Indie Week. Already last year I was impressed by the professional implementation of the conference, which had to take place virtually at short notice due to the pandemic. This year, I was again thrilled by how the Reeperbahn Festival managed to host digital Company Visits. I also found the insights I got into the work of US labels particularly exciting. I was also impressed by the matchmaking sessions, where I was able to get to know or meet players from the international music industry."