New York 2021

Jacob Sylvester Bilabel, Germany
Founder, Green Music Initiative & Everywh2ere Hydrogen

"With the industry in forced full stop in these crazy pandemic times it became even clearer that we have to build back better if we want a sustainable future for the sector.
These needed transformations call for a cross sectoral approach getting all the brains, hands and hearts on the table.
RBF festival’s cooperation with A2IM offered great opportunities to kick start these processes from a transatlantical perspective.
The digital delivery of the different formats was flawless and gave me even  more opportunities to get in contact with new, innovative initiatives from the US than if thess meetings would have taken place in real life.
Thank you A2Im & Reeperbahn Festival!"

Vincent Wilms, Belgium
CEO, cloudshaper

"I joined the Reeperbahn Festival New York, because one of the artists on my roster has more fans in the USA than in Belgium (where cloudshaper is based). This event is a perfect way to find the right contacts that are very hard to reach as a company based in Belgium. The delegates database, the company visits and the networking opportunities are gifts for the future. I did a few digital conferences last month, and I must say that the Reeperbahn events are always very down to earth, social and splendidly organised and coördinated. The panels and company visits are always top edge and share the exact values and contacts I was looking for."

Simone Schiborr, Germany
Senior Manager Editorial & Label Relations, Deezer

"Dies ist bereits mein zweites Mal als Reeperbahn Festival International Delegate bei der A2IM Indie Week. Schon im letzten Jahr war ich beeindruckt von der professionellen Umsetzung der Konferenz, die aufgrund der Pandemie kurzfristig virtuell stattfinden musste. Begeistert hat mich in diesem Jahr wieder, wie es das Reeperbahn Festival geschafft hat, digitale Company Visits zu veranstalten. Besonders spannend fand ich die Einblicke, die ich in die Arbeit von US-Labels bekommen habe. Überzeugt haben mich auch die Matchmaking-Sessions bei der Indie Week, bei denen ich Akteur*innen der internationalen Musikbranche kennenlernen bzw. wiedertreffen konnte. Dankeschön, liebes Reeperbahn Festival Team, für den vielfältigen Blick über den Tellerrand!"

Kaylee Wesley-Pearson, Denmark
Owner, Happy Duck Label

"I joined Reeperbahn International New York to get inspired, learn and connect with people from all over the world.  The digital platform made it super easy to reach out to the other delegates and the seminars and showcases also worked really well digitally. I'm very happy to have been part of this edition; I learned a lot, connected with a ton of people whilst saving money and the environment as it was all digital."

Nashville 2021

Nina Condron, United Kingdom
Director, Horus Music Limited & My Client Zone

“This year, we’re launching Horus Music Publishing, so I attended Reeperbahn Festival Nashville to learn more about the publishing industry in the US. I’ve participated in a few Reeperbahn Festival conferences before and through things such as the one-on-one matchmaking sessions always made some great connections that have helped push our business forward. From the events we’ve signed new label services clients and met with current DSP partners and label clients. The quality of the vetted matches, the speakers and European delegates is always top level, and I’d highly recommend it.”

Sara Beretta, Italien
Project manager and global business developer, Metatron

“Taking part in the digital version of Reeperbahn Festival Nashville was an amazing opportunity to dive into one of the world’s most famous music cities, with a detailed insight on the business side. Despite the event being 100% online, its structure and the platform on which it was broadcasted were user-friendly and it was quite easy to interact with the fellow delegation members, as well as ask questions to the speakers in real time. One of my personal highlights were the digital company visits, it was good to see pictures/videos of the actual offices and neighbourhoods where they are located.. It helps getting the vibe of the city! It was also good to chat a bit with other European delegates on Spatial Chat (very impressing software/app). Overall I have to say that despite connecting only virtually, I was more than impressed with the work of the Reeperbahn Festival International team in making this event as “real” as possible! I will definitely look forward to other opportunities like this one in the future.”