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New York

14. - 17. June 2021

Reeperbahn Festival International began in New York - and now in its sixth year, in cooperation with the American Association of Independent Music and its A2IM Indie Week, it once again offered an extensive lineup - with a focus on recorded music - of networking events, 1:1 matchmaking sessions with top decision-makers in the U.S. indie industry, panels, keynotes, valuable digital company visits to key local music companies in New York, and a hybrid showcase experience featuring bands and solo female artists from Europe and the United States.

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Thursday, 17. June

Kick Off

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Reeperbahn Festival International in New York has special significance because the international offshoot of Reeperb ...

Reeperbahn Festival International in New York has special significance because the international offshoot of Reeperbahn Festival began here six years ago. What makes this year's event particularly attractive is its interconnection with A2IM Indie Week. What program can be expected in the next few days? Which experts from the music- and creative industries will be there? These and other topics will be clarified at the kick-off from Hamburg's Knust club. Moderated by Sara Kelly-Husain, information will be provided by Alexander Schulz (CEO of Reeperbahn Festival), Richard James Burgess (President and CEO of A2IM), Evelyn Sieber (Project Lead at RBF International), and Patrick Daniel (Delegation Coordinator).

Showcase Concerts

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The showcase concert is likely to be a highlight this year, as well. The hybrid event will feature three acts fro ...

The showcase concert is likely to be a highlight this year, as well. The hybrid event will feature three acts from Europe and the USA, two of whom will perform live on site at Hamburg's Knust club and one of whom will perform from the USA and be integrated via video. Performers:
Albertine Sarges (GER), BLVTH (GER) and Margaret Glaspy (USA).

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    Aldin Duratovic (nor)

    Made Management/Get FAT (management, label)

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    © Robin Helgesen

    Job Description: Manager/CEO

    Search: Publishing, Live, Labels, Distribution

    Offer: Label, Artist Management

    Company: Made Management/Get FAT

    Founded in 2009, we are a management agency (for artists such as Aurora, Sigrid) from Norway's second-largest city, Bergen. Since last year, we now also operate as a label under the name Get FAT. Specializing in hip hop, our label relies on Def Jam Norway as its distribution partner.

    Alexander Dommisch (GER)

    Waterfall Records (label, publishing)

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    Job Description: Manager

    Search: Distribution (International), Publishing (International), Sync, Artists

    Offer: Label, Publishing, Promotion

    Company: Waterfall Records

    We are an indie label from Berlin whose output is mainly focused on music with a lot of soul and a high retro factor. Singer-songwriters are also represented in our roster. Recently, we have released new music by The Everettes, Iris Romen, and Jeanette Hubert.

    Alexander Warnke (GER)

    PRO Agency (management-agency, international-neighboring-rights-collection)

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    © Alexander Warnke

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: Network Expansion in Africa

    Offer: Collection of Neighboring Rights

    Company: PRO Agency

    We are one of the leading agencies in the international music rights. Specialized in neighboring rights, we are currently expanding our network in Africa and are therefore looking for new contacts.

    Amande Dagod (GER)

    A-Okay (artist-management)

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    © A-Okay

    Job Description: Co-Founder

    Search: Label, Publishing, Live

    Offer: Artist Management

    Company: A-Okay

    We are a young artist-management agency from Berlin that was founded in January 2020 by Amande Dagod and Anton Teichmann. Currently, we mainly manage German acts (including Albertine Sarges, Andreya Casablanca, Fenster).

    Anthony Larbi (gbr, LBR)

    On Da Beat / 231Drill (label, management, Artist Development, studio, production)

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    Job Description: Co-Founder/Artist Manager

    Search: Sync, Live, Marketing, Label Partners in Africa

    Offer: Production, Distribution

    Company: On Da Beat / 231Drill

    We are a production- and management company from London that views itself as a bridge between the UK and the diaspora. Rooted in British rap, we offer our artists their own studio and have recently also begun to focus on trap and drill from Monrovia/Liberia with 231Drill.

    Anton Teichmann (GER)

    Mansions and Millions/A-Okay Mgmt (label, artist-management)

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    © Aida Baghernejad

    Job Description: Founder/A&R/Artist Manager

    Search: Labels, Publishing, Live, Marketing, Sync

    Offer: Label, Artist Management

    Company: Mansions and Millions/A-Okay Mgmt

    We are a label that specializes in young Berlin acts and that was awarded "Best German Label" at the VUT Indie Awards in 2020. In addition, we have been running an artist-management agency since last year that mainly manages German acts (including Albertine Sarges, Andreya Casablanca, Fenster).

    Antonio Cárdenas (GER)

    Heartfelt Management (management-agency)

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    © Yvonne Hartmann

    Job Description: Founder / Artist Manager

    Search: Publishing, Sync, Label, PR

    Offer: Consulting

    Company: Heartfelt Management

    We are a Berlin-based management- and consulting agency representing artists such as Viktor Orri Árnason (IS), Kayla Painter (UK), NOSOYO (DE), and Donata (DE).

    Boyan Robert Pinter (BGR)

    Sofia International Music Conference (Education, Networking, artist-management, booking)

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    Job Description: Founder

    Search: Network Expansion, Labels, Publishers, Legal, Booking (International)

    Offer: Network Expansion, Booking/Promo (in Bulgaria)

    Company: Sofia International Music Conference

    With the Sofia International Music Conference, we offer the first platform of its kind in Bulgaria. We want to help the "showcase festival" take root in our country and to attract representatives from other creative industries.

    Diaraye Barry (fra)

    OTHANTIQ AA (label, artist-management, publishing, talent-scouting, music-production)

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    © Diaraye Barry

    Job Description: Label Manager

    Search: Distribution, Marketing, Sync Projects, Live Options

    Offer: Label, Artist Management, Consulting, Workshops

    Company: OTHANTIQ AA

    We are a young company – both a label and a publisher – that was founded in 2020 by Blick Bassy with the vision of creating a network "by an artist for other artists." We are convinced that fairer and more-profitable business models can be realized.

    Einar Helde (dnk)

    AIMS API (music-technology)

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    Job Description: Co-founder and Head of Business development (Denmark)

    Search: Labels, Publishers, Tech partners

    Offer: AI technology for music industry with focus on Sync

    Company: AIMS API

    AIMS is an AI Music similarity search company. Working with music content owners to maximise the value of their content, and with music users to find the right music for their needs.

    Elina Hage (GER)

    Artifier Management (artist-management)

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    Job Description: CEO/Managing Director

    Search: Labels, Publishing, Live

    Offer: Label, Artist Management, Consulting

    Company: Artifier Management

    We are an artist-management agency from Berlin-Kreuzberg. We offer our artists the support they need and advise them strategically on the optimal positioning in the current cosmos between classical, pop, electronica, and jazz.

    Emil Hadji Panzov (mkd)

    Filter Label (label, sync, scores)

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    © Emil Jadij Panzov

    Job Description: Founder/CEO

    Search: Marketing, Music Supervision, Artist Management

    Offer: Label, Sync, Custom-Scores, Remixes

    Company: Filter Label

    We are a label from Skopje that cooperates with numerous agencies from the creative industry, advertising, and the field of music supervision. The biggest brands in the world (including Samsung, Nike, CNN, McDonald's) have come to us to find the perfect sound.

    Jacob Sylvester Bilabel (GER)

    Green Music Initiative (research, innovation)

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    © Jacob Sylvester Bilabel

    Job Description: Founder

    Search: Network Expansion: Festival & Music Industry

    Offer: Insights into European Research- and Innovation Processes

    Company: Green Music Initiative

    We are a pan-European research- and innovation network based in Berlin that is dedicated to promoting a climate-compatible live- and entertainment industry. We currently cooperate with over 150 cross-industry partners.

    Julio Galvez (USA, GER)

    Paradise Worldwide (publishing, label-services)

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    Job Description: A&R/Label Manager

    Search: Artist Management, Live, Marketing

    Offer: Label, Distribution, Artist Management

    Company: Paradise Worldwide

    We work out of Brooklyn on revolutionizing the music industry via digital innovation – including by uncovering new channels, monetizing content across multiple platforms, and providing real-time analytics tools.

    Kathleen Kinzel (GER)

    hopkinz.Management & Marketing (artist-management, Brand Management, marketing, consulting, label, publishing)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: Founder/Manager

    Search: Collaborations, Network Expansion, Sub Licensing, Live

    Offer: Artist x Brand Management, (Digital) Marketing, Playlist Promotion, Consulting, Label, Publishing, Product/Release/Project Management

    Company: hopkinz.Management & Marketing

    We are an independent music- and marketing agency from Berlin. Under the motto "help artists create," we develop sustainable strategies and marketing concepts together with artists and brands.

    Katia Giampaolo (ita)

    Estragon/JoyCut (VENUE, festival, artist-management)

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    Job Description: Co-Director/Manager

    Search: Booking Agents (US), Distribution (US)

    Offer: Live

    Company: Estragon/JoyCut

    As a co-director, I am responsible for the Estragon Club in Bologna and for the "BOtanique" festival. I am also the manager of JoyCut and a jury member of "Music Moves Europe" (MMETA).

    Kaylee Wesley Pearson (dnk)

    Happy Duck (artist-management, label)

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    Job Description: Owner/Artist Manager

    Search: Network Expansion in the USA

    Offer: Unusual Artists

    Company: Happy Duck

    We are a small artist-management agency based in Copenhagen. Crossing genre boundaries, we are interested in exceptional talent whose music we can also release through two of our own labels – No Bounds Music & Superbillion Records.

    Kayleigh Robin (gbr)

    23rd Precinct Music/Resonate Music Conference (label, Publisher, events, radio)

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    © Kayleigh Robin

    Job Description: Label Manager/Event Coordinator

    Search: Artists, Songwriters, Producers, Partners, Sponsors

    Offer: Publishing, Sync, Label, Neighboring Rights, Co-Writing, Licensing, A&R, Management

    Company: 23rd Precinct Music/Resonate Music Conference

    We are a label and publishing company that grew out of the record store of the same name in Glasgow. As a market-leading publisher in Scotland, we specialize in dance, among other things. Our labels include Limbo & First Run Records. We also host the Resonate Conference.

    Kertu Mägar (est)

    Downtown Studios & Star Management (label, music-production, publishing)

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    © Liina Notta

    Job Description: Label & Artist Relations

    Search: Network Expansion, Contact with New Labels, Publishers, Sync Agents

    Offer: Publishing, Music Production & Studios, Label Infrastructure

    Company: Downtown Studios & Star Management

    We are a label from Tallinn that is also active in production and publishing. Our office- and studio building in the heart of the city offers a stunning view of the harbor.

    Lars Hiller (GER)

    K&F Records/Loose Notes Publishing (label, publishing, festival-booking, artist-management)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: Distribution, Labels, Publishing, Marketing

    Offer: Label, Publishing, Artist Management

    Company: K&F Records/Loose Notes Publishing

    We began 13 years ago in the vapor of folk and Americana and have since worked with many international artists (including Wayne Graham, John Blek, Sons of Noel, and Adrian). We also run a publishing company and organize our own festival from Dresden.

    Lionel Lodge (aut, gbr)

    SyncLodge (sync, sync-licensing-project-management-system)

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    © Wolfgang Jaafer

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: Network Expansion (Sync, Rights Holders)

    Offer: Tools for Sync-Licensing

    Company: SyncLodge

    We offer an innovative B2B platform that brings together production companies, rights holders, and music supervisors and makes the entire sync process simple and transparent.

    Magni Sørløkk (nor)

    Playground Music Scandinavia (label, sales)

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    © Magni Sørløkk

    Job Description: A&R/Promotion Manager

    Search: Live, Marketing

    Offer: Distribution, Label

    Company: Playground Music Scandinavia

    We are currently the largest Scandinavian indie label network, with offices in seven cities between Malmö and Tallinn. In addition to our four own labels, we represent and distribute numerous local and international labels in the far north.

    Mantu Overbeck (GER)

    1st Strike (label, artist-management, publishing, studio)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: Managing Director

    Search: Label, Artist Management, Publishing

    Offer: Label, Artist Management, Publishing

    Company: 1st Strike

    We are a label platform based in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg with many years of experience. Specializing in electro-pop and dance, we manage artists such as Thomas Gold and Deniz Koyu.

    Matilda Pfeil (GER)

    Filter Records & Publishing (label, Publisher, marketing)

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    © Matilda Pfeil

    Job Description: Head of Operations

    Search: Label, Publishing, Marketing, Sync (Agencies)

    Offer: Label, Publishing, Marketing, Sync (Pitching)

    Company: Filter Records & Publishing

    We are an independent company from Berlin-Mitte that combines a label, a publishing division, and a sync agency under one roof. We are also active in the areas of online promo and digital distribution (via RecordJet).

    Nele Buys (bel)

    Consouling Sounds (label, artist-management, live, marketing, distribution)

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    © Nele Buys

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: Contacts Interested in Digital Innovation & Community Building

    Offer: Knowledge/Experience in Social Responsibility, Community Management

    Company: Consouling Sounds

    We are a label from Ghent that was founded in 2007 and also operates as an artist-management agency and record store/coffee store, among other things. Specializing in darker, harder sounds (from doom to ambient), we are also involved in communities and digital innovation.

    Olaf Reinholz (GER)

    hfn music/Superstition Entertainment Network (label)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: General Manager

    Search: Sync, Marketing, Promotion

    Offer: Label

    Company: hfn music/Superstition Entertainment Network

    We have been operating a label network from our Hamburg location for over 20 years. This includes indie labels such as hfn music, Poker Flat Recordings, In My Room, Ouïe, Scissor And Thread, Sublease Music, Senso Sounds, and Superstition Records.

    Peter Soltesz (hun)

    AM:PM Music (label)

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    © Balint Czeh

    Job Description: Owner/CEO

    Search: Labels, Management, Sync, Promo

    Offer: Label Services, Bookings in Hungary

    Company: AM:PM Music

    We are an independent label from Budapest that has been active for over 10 years. As "#1 motivators & innovators" from the heart of Hungary, we help our artists gain maximum visibility.

    Philipp Scholz (GER)

    Jugendstil Mgmt (management-agency, label)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: Managing Director

    Search: Label, Publishing

    Offer: Artist Management, Label

    Company: Jugendstil Mgmt

    We are a young, Berlin-based management agency that supports artists such as JEREMIAS, Shelter Boy, and the Kii. We also run the media agency elit.berlin and Kick The Flame Publishing.

    Ran Nir (GER, isr)

    I Am You Music Group/IMU Records (label-services, management-agency, sync, publishing)

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    © My Roman Fagerlind

    Job Description: CEO/A&R

    Search: Distribution Partners (USA / Europa), Sync, Writing Camps

    Offer: Label Services (including Distribution, Project Management), Publishing Deals

    Company: I Am You Music Group/IMU Records

    We are a management company based in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg that specializes in Israeli acts. Our activities also include publishing, label services, and sync.

    Ross Cotton

    Cargo Digital GmbH (distribution)

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    © Ross Cotton

    Job Description: Head of Digital

    Search: Label, Marketing

    Offer: Distribution, Marketing

    Company: Cargo Digital GmbH

    We are the digital offshoot of Cargo Records GmbH from Wuppertal. An experienced indie distributor, we offer customized tools in the areas of sales and marketing.

    Sara-Lena Probst (GER)

    BlackbirdPunk Consulting (digital-consulting, blog)

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    © SPUTNIKeins

    Job Description: Founder/CEO

    Search: Network Expansion

    Offer: Digital Consulting (including Spotify, YouTube, Socials), Label Management, Workshops

    Company: BlackbirdPunk Consulting

    We are a young consulting company from Berlin that specializes in digital channels and social media. Our goal is to make processes as simple and convenient as possible for all parties involved.

    Siena Brunnthaler (aut)

    Seayou Records (label)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: International Promotion

    Search: Live, Publishing

    Offer: Label

    Company: Seayou Records

    We are a label and umbrella company of the label group of the same name from Vienna, which also includes Futuresfuture, Problembär Records, and Assim Records. Active for 15 years and soon to have our own US office in Nashville, the group issues 90 releases per year.

    Simone Schiborr (GER)

    Deezer (streaming)

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    © Deezer

    Job Description: Senior Manager Editorial & Label Relations

    Search: Labels, Artist Management, Distribution

    Offer: Streaming (Playlisting, Marketing)

    Company: Deezer

    We are a streaming service that is currently available in over 180 countries with over 16 million active users. Founded in Paris in 2007, we now have offices all over the world.

    Stefan Penz (aut, LIE)

    Mother‘s Cake/Little Big Beat Studios/LoEnd Records (artist-management, studio, label)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: CEO/Head of Booking/Label Manager

    Search: Live, Labels, Distribution, Artists, Management

    Offer: Label, Live-Recording

    Company: Mother‘s Cake/Little Big Beat Studios/LoEnd Records

    I am the manager of the space-rock band Mother's Cake, which is currently looking to expand its international network, and I also manage Little Big Beat Studios (ideal for live recording!) and the label LoEnd Records from Vorarlberg.

    Steffi von Kannemann (GER)

    Better Things (pr, marketing)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: Owner/Head of Marketing

    Search: Labels, Artist Management, Distribution

    Offer: PR, Marketing

    Company: Better Things

    We are a Berlin agency for music PR. In addition to many successful campaigns for artists such as Rosalía, King Princess, Jorja Smith, and Kelsey Lu, we also take care of media/brand relations, live promo, and the production of showcases.

    Stephan Rombach

    detəils/WeConvert (Service Platform)

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    © Jim Avignon

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: Labels, Label Services, Distribution

    Offer: Administration Platform, License Management for Labels/Distribution

    Company: detəils/WeConvert

    We are a company from Berlin-Kreuzberg whose digital platform makes label- and license management individually scalable and, above all, child's play. With WeConvert, sales reports from streaming services automatically flow into the license-management process.

    Tan Boerue (GER)

    Tan U Sound (label, live-production)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: Owner, Founder

    Search: Management, Distribution, Live, Marketing

    Offer: Label, Artist Management, Live

    Company: Tan U Sound

    Tan U Sound stands for music creation, as label, consulting, A&R and management for artists and producing live events from clubs to arenas. As artist Tan LeRacoon we are releasing and performing to a baffled audience by combining the mighty powersof Glam, Soul, Punk and Dub.

    Tanya Timofeeva (GER)

    Steam Music Publishing & Creative Services (publishing, sync, consulting, pr, management-agency)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Tanya Timofeeva

    Job Description: Head of Sync & Creative

    Search: Sync, Artists

    Offer: Sync Representation, Publishing, Consulting

    Company: Steam Music Publishing & Creative Services

    As an agency, we offer innovative publishing-, promo-, and sales solutions, among other things. Based in Bernau near Berlin, we are also active in the areas of sync, management, and consulting.

    Ulrich Ettinger (GER)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: Manager BLVTH

    Search: Internationale Booker, Festivals

    Offer: Artist Management, Artist Tourmanagement, Artist Development

    Ulrich Ettinger provides artist management, artist tour management, artist development and represents BLVTH, who will be performing live at the Reeperbahn Festival New York showcase.

    Victor Mihailescu (ROU)

    Underdog Records/Loud Biscuit (label, publishing)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: Founder

    Search: Distribution, Sync Agents

    Offer: Label, Publishing (Only Artists from Romania)

    Company: Underdog Records/Loud Biscuit

    We are an indie label (Underdog) from Bucharest that only represents artists from Romania. We are also a publishing house (Loud Biscuit), and our inspirations include international labels such as Domino, Warp, XL, and Ghostly.

    Vincent Wilms (bel)

    cloudshaper (label, artist-management, marketing)

    Accordion Indicator

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: Label, Live

    Offer: Label, Artist Management

    Company: cloudshaper

    We are a management agency from Antwerp and exclusively represent artists that we really believe in 100% – acts as exquisite as saffron or sansho pepper. We also work as a label and organize events.