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10. - 12. May 2021

Reeperbahn Festival International 2021 is entering the second round! Following our call for applications for Beijing, we were delighted to warmly welcome European music business leaders to participate in our guest performance in "Music City" Nashville from 10-12 May, with a focus specifically on music publishing.

Due to the pandemic, the events took place primarily digitally/hybrid on the digital Reeperbahn Festival conference platform. Together with our partner in the US, the Music Business Association (Music Biz), and supported by the Federal Foreign Office of Germany, we offered valuable contacts and exciting insights into the heart of the US music- and creative industries.

Additionally, a Singer-Songwriter Camp For Female And Underrepresented Genders took place in the course of the event, organized by Budde Music Publishing. More information on how to participate can be found here.

Monday, 10. May /
Tuesday, 11. May /
Wednesday, 12. May

Kick Off

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Nashville, here we come! The kick-off event is the official starting signal for the European delegation of Reeperbah ...

Nashville, here we come! The kick-off event is the official starting signal for the European delegation of Reeperbahn Festival International to begin networking and getting an overview of the program. The delegates can expect – among other things – a greeting from Evelyn Sieber (Project Lead at Reeperbahn Festival International), and they will have the opportunity to get to know our partner in the USA – Business Association (Music Biz) – and its President, Portia Sabin. Merle Bremer from the  Keychange initiative will also participate. Moderated by Annette Yang, the kick-off will feature an explanation of the program's schedule and a subsequent Q&A.

Focus Sessions

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Independent Labels & The Global Market (5:00 pm) During his opening keynote interview Jeremy Sirota will discuss ...

Independent Labels & The Global Market (5:00 pm)

During his opening keynote interview Jeremy Sirota will discuss the state of independent music on a global scale and what the future holds.

Jeremy Sirota is CEO of Merlin, the independent’s digital music licensing partner. His role is to empower its members, whether labels, distributors, or other rights-holders, by striking premium deals with digital music services. Prior to Merlin, he was Independent BD Label Lead at Facebook Music. At Facebook, he helped shape the company’s music strategy and licensed rights from independents around the world. Sirota’s role at Merlin weaves together his lifelong passions of music and technology. Sirota previously held a number of senior positions at Warner Music Group, culminating as Head of Business & Legal Affairs for WEA and ADA. Early in his career, he was a technology lawyer at Morrison & Forster.

Panel: Inside The International Creative Process (5:40 pm)

A conversation between publishing A&Rs and plugging experts that work on US x European creative collaborations. What’s the benefit of having a global mindset when engaging in songwriter collaborations? What are key findings when curating global songwriter camps? What’s the future of collaboration in a world where virtual opportunities are more abundant? Let’s dive in and talk with the experts on the importance of international collaborations.

Talk: How The Mechanical Licensing Collective (MLC) Works On a Global Scale (6:15pm)

While the European regulation for a modernized system to deal with copyright-related issues for music and audio recordings due to new forms of technology such as digital streaming is still being worked on, we take a look at the way the US Music Modernization Act is being implemented and what this means on a global scale for rights holders.

Panel: Digital Marketing Around The World: Shared Tactics From All Over (6:45pm)

Marketers from different parts of the world discuss their strategies and key findings when working on projects in 2021 and beyond. With global marketing being implemented through borderless platforms – how regional or how global should one think in terms of marketing new talent vs. established acts vs. heritage/legacy repertoire?


    Alessandro Porcella (ita)

    PA74 Music (publishing, distribution, live-streaming)

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    © Alessandro Porcella

    Job Description: Founder & CEO

    Search: Sync-, Label-, and PR Partners

    Offer: Publishing, Sync, Live-Streaming (Events)

    Company: PA74 Music

    We have been working in publishing, distribution, festivals, and live streaming since 2005. We are currently looking for sync agents and agencies as well as new contacts (live streaming, artists, digital strategies).

    Alexandra Idiart-Benavides (fra, can)

    Wagram Stories (vertrieb, label, verlag, brand-agency)

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    © Alexandra Idiart-Benavides

    Job Description: Consultant

    Search: DSPs, Network Expansion in the Areas of Labels / Publishing / Radio / Media

    Offer: Distribution, Label, Publishing

    Company: Wagram Stories

    We are an independent global company active in the fields of music production, concerts, film / video, and print, among others. As our focus is clearly on music, we offer unique perspectives to artists.

    Anne Jenniskens (nld)

    Ledo Music (distribution, sync, influencer-marketing)

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    © C Badea

    Job Description: Head of Licensing & Legal

    Search: Distribution, Sync, Influencer Partners

    Offer: Distribution, Sync, Influencer Marketing

    Company: Ledo Music

    We are a young company from the Netherlands that offers a unique digital DIY distribution- and marketing platform where musicians and innovative content creators can connect.

    Antonio Cárdenas (GER)

    Heartfelt Management (management-agency)

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    © Yvonne Hartmann

    Job Description: Founder / Artist Manager

    Search: Publishing, Sync, Label, PR

    Offer: Consulting

    Company: Heartfelt Management

    We are a Berlin-based management- and consulting agency representing artists such as Viktor Orri Árnason (IS), Kayla Painter (UK), NOSOYO (DE), and Donata (DE).

    Chris Hammerl (GER)

    TRO GmbH (sync, publishing, label)

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    © Chris Hammerl

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: Sync, International Partners

    Offer: Artists, Sync Repertoire

    Company: TRO GmbH

    For 30 years, we have been doing everything we can to ensure that our customers are heard – by translating brand identities into music & sound. With studios in Düsseldorf, Cologne, and Berlin, our company specializes in creating individual sound- and music experiences for unique brands.

    Claude Haller (che)

    Irascible Music (label, publishing, distribution, promotion)

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    © Claude Haller

    Job Description: Head of Publishing

    Search: Sync

    Offer: Music from Switzerland (Diverse Genres)

    Company: Irascible Music

    Based in Lausanne, we have been an integral part of the Swiss music landscape for 20 years – as a distributor, label, promo- & consulting agency, management agency, etc.

    Daniel Kempf (GER)

    OWTF Entertainment / Selective Artists (management-agency, label, booking)

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    © Daniel Kempf

    Job Description: CEO / Founder

    Search: Sync, Label, Booking

    Offer: Label, Co-Management, Consulting, Booking

    Company: OWTF Entertainment / Selective Artists

    We are a Berlin-based label that also acts as a management- and consulting agency. Also active in the field of booking, we want to make new contacts in Nashville and exchange ideas about collaborations.

    Deborah Smith (gbr)

    Anara Publishing (publishing)

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    © Deborah Smith

    Job Description: Director

    Search: A&R Contacts, Co-Writing Options

    Offer: Publishing, Sync

    Company: Anara Publishing

    We are a Leicester-based publisher that represents selected songwriters from around the world (including Europe, Asia, South America). Our focus in Nashville lies on co-writing options and collaborations.

    Dr. Joern Radloff (gbr)

    Amazon Music (streaming)

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    © Dr. Joern Radloff

    Job Description: Head of Music Publishing (ex Americas)

    Search: Publishing, Sync

    Offer: DSP (Music-/Podcast-Streaming)

    Company: Amazon Music

    We are one of the world's leading streaming platforms for music and podcasts. We are currently working to connect the Western music ecosystem with Asian markets.

    Gareth Davies (GER)

    KONTOR RECORDS (label)

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    © T. Trettin

    Job Description: Head of International

    Search: labels, marketing and promotion agencies, radio teams

    Offer: extensive international licensing network for dance and electronic music (and pop)


    Kontor Records is one of Europe’s leading independent labels with a focus on dance and electronic music (and occasionally pop). Always interested to interact with new partners and engage with new formats to expand our global reach. Kontor.tv has over 5.75 million YT subscribers and we have been livestreaming our DJ Delivery Service every day since the first lockdown in 2020.

    Geoff Langston (gbr)

    GLAM.RED (management-agency, development)

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    © Geoff Langston

    Job Description: Founder

    Search: New Contacts, especially Sync- and Booking Agents

    Offer: Artist-Coaching & Mentoring

    Company: GLAM.RED

    Through coaching, mentoring, and special workshops, we support aspiring artists in turning their passion into a career.

    George van Wetering (nld)

    Zip Records / GAG Group NL (label, event-organization)

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    © George van Wetering

    Job Description: Artist Manager / General Manager

    Search: Sync and publishing deals

    Offer: Label artists

    Company: Zip Records / GAG Group NL

    GAG is an Amsterdam based concert organization that hosts events with both Chinese and European musicians. Zip Records is an independent record label established in San Francisco in 1997 and relocated to Amsterdam in 2012 that has released over 185 titles and works primarily with outside publicists, promoters, agents and radio pluggers.

    Gernot Müller (GER)

    Voltage Circus – Music Marketing Agency (marketing)

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    © Gernot Müller

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: Artists, Labels, Promoters

    Offer: Marketing, Consulting

    Company: Voltage Circus – Music Marketing Agency

    We are a music-marketing agency based in Cologne whose mission is to provide strategic advice to artists, labels, and event partners and to equip them with customized online-marketing tools.

    Hanna Döring (GER)

    K&F Konzerte/K&F Records (label, booking)

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    © Hannes Stummer

    Job Description: Bookerin/A&R

    Search: Labels, Artists, Distribution Partners

    Offer: Label, Booking

    Company: K&F Konzerte/K&F Records

    We are a boutique label with a focus on the genres of folk / indie / Americana. In the German-speaking realm, we are also active as bookers and are currently especially interested in female artists to expand our roster.

    Henri Växby (gbr)

    Dinner With Daisy Records (label, management-agency)

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    © Niklas Rosstrom

    Job Description: Co-Founder

    Search: Sync, Publishing, Co-Writing Options

    Offer: Artists, Songwriters, Catalog

    Company: Dinner With Daisy Records

    We are a London-based label with a wide range of output – from sunshine pop to orchestral madness. We also take care of sync- and co-writing options for our artists.

    Ilias Dahimène (aut)

    Seayou Records (label, publishing)

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    © Ilias Dahimène

    Job Description: Managing Partner

    Search: New Artists, Insights into the Nashville Music Scene

    Offer: EU Label- and Publishing Services

    Company: Seayou Records

    We are a label and umbrella company of the Vienna-based label group of the same name, which also includes Futuresfuture, Problembär Records, and Assim Records. Active for 15 years, the group offers 90 releases per year.

    Isabella Russo (fra)

    Passé Projects & Publishing (publishing, sync)

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    © Isabella Russo

    Job Description: Head of Sync & Licensing

    Search: Contact with Music Supervisors, Agencies, Composers

    Offer: Publishing- & Sync Services

    Company: Passé Projects & Publishing

    We are a publishing and sync company based in Paris. As we represent artists and labels from all corners of the world (from NYC to Tokyo to South Africa), we offer an extremely broad and diverse repertoire.

    Ivo Doesburg (nld)

    Next Era Publishing (publishing)

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    © Ivo Doesburg

    Job Description: A&R Creative Manager

    Search: Publishing, Labels, Sync

    Offer: Publishing, Label Network

    Company: Next Era Publishing

    We are an independent music-publishing company based in the Netherlands. We represent both established and young artists and are actively involved in their career development. On top of that, we also represent the catalogs of selected hip-hop heavyweights.

    Justin Hendrik (nld)

    Maktub Media/Maktub Music Publishing (publishing)

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    © Justin Hendrik

    Job Description: Owner/Founder/CEO

    Search: Network Expansion, New Contacts in the Areas of Sync, Labels, Songwriters, and Producers

    Offer: Publishing Expertise, Sync Options

    Company: Maktub Media/Maktub Music Publishing

    We are a small publishing house from Amsterdam with a carefully curated program. Our motto, "Quality over Quantity," is validated by the continuously growing number of BUMA Awards we have received.

    Jürgen Distler (aut)

    Ink Music (label, publishing, sync)

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    © Jürgen Distler

    Job Description: Head of Publishing/Sync

    Search: US Partners in Publishing, Sync Agencies, and Labels

    Offer: Publishing, Sync

    Company: Ink Music

    We are an agency from Vienna that was founded in 2001. We view music as a living source of inspiration and fuel for discourse and development processes.

    Katherine DePaul (nor, USA)

    Artist Vision (management-agency)

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    © Katherine DePaul

    Job Description: Partnerin/Managerin

    Search: Label, Sync, Publishing, Songwriting, Social Media, PR

    Offer: Artists

    Company: Artist Vision

    We are a company that specializes in artist management, with offices in Norway and the USA. We represent artists such as Fay Wildhagen, TUVABAND, and Thomas Dybdahl.

    Kertu Mägar (est)

    Downtown Studios & Star Management (label, music-production, publishing)

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    © Liina Notta

    Job Description: Label & Artist Relations

    Search: Network Expansion, Contact with New Labels, Publishers, Sync Agents

    Offer: Publishing, Music Production & Studios, Label Infrastructure

    Company: Downtown Studios & Star Management

    We are a label from Tallinn that is also active in production and publishing. Our office- and studio building in the heart of the city offers a stunning view of the harbor.

    Lena Obara (GER)

    Sector C (music-supervision, publishing)

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    © Lena Obara

    Job Description: CEO

    Search: New Networks, Music, & Artists

    Offer: Matchmaking, Music Supervision, Consulting

    Company: Sector C

    We specialize in music supervision & consulting and operate offices in Berlin, Hamburg, and Warsaw. We have worked on many award-winning and nominated (Grammy, Oscar, BAFTA, Golden Globes) film- and commercial projects.

    Liisi Voolaid (est)

    Anett Music (management-agency)

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    © Margot Laisaar

    Job Description: Artist Manager

    Search: Label-, Publisher-, Sync-, Management-, and Live Partners

    Offer: Contemporary Soul from Estonia's "Best Female Artist 2021": Anett

    Company: Anett Music

    We provide artist management for the young singer-songwriter Anett, who won several awards at the Estonian Music Awards this year.

    Lucile Delrieu Alauzy (fra)

    KAA PRODUCTION / SIDEKICK (label, publishing)

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    © Lucile Delrieu Alauzy

    Job Description: Creative Sync & Licensing Manager

    Search: Contact with Music Supervisors

    Offer: 4.000 Tracks


    We are a company from Toulouse with many years of experience in the fields of production and publishing. While our own label, Sidekick, specializes more in electro, pop, and deep house, the publishing division also covers various other genres.

    Lukas Pornschlegel (GER)

    ROBA Music Publishing (publishing)

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    © Paul Frege

    Job Description: A&R Manager

    Search: Publishing, Artist Management

    Offer: Publishing

    Company: ROBA Music Publishing

    We are an international publishing company based in Hamburg and have some of the biggest songwriters in the world under contract. In addition to all aspects of publishing (including sync, licenses, etc.), we also offer label services.

    Lutz Leichsenring (GER)

    VibeLab (consulting, representation)

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    © Lutz Leichsenring

    Job Description: Partner/Co-Founder

    Search: Collaborators in governments and organizations, Showcases of Covid-19 resilience

    Offer: Strategy Consulting (Nightlife / Clubs / Nighttime), Music Ecosystem Expansion

    Company: VibeLab

    We are one of the leading consulting agencies for all areas of cultural nightlife. Our nightlife network spans a good 100 cities on six continents, where we help strengthen creative ecosystems and promote subcultures.

    Maxi Menot (GER)

    Edition B+ (publishing)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Maxi Menot

    Job Description: Gründerin / Komponistin

    Search: Sync / Label Partners

    Offer: Publishing, Co-Writing, Film- / Theater Music, Project Management

    Company: Edition B+

    We are a small young publishing company from Berlin and have been anchored at the publishing house Guesstimate since 2019. Our focus is on film music and soundtracks in the genres of alt, indie, Nordic pop, & neo classical.

    Neil Grant (GER)

    Neil Grant Music Production (label, publishing, management-agency)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Chris Potter

    Job Description: Owner

    Search: Sub-Publishing außerhalb Deutschlands, Vertriebs- und Lizenz-Partnerschaften

    Offer: (Sub-)Publishing, Licensing, Management

    Company: Neil Grant Music Production

    Wir sind auf Promotion und Vertrieb spezialisiert und bieten Künstler*innen alles, um maximale Sichtbarkeit zu bekommen. Key-Genres sind Singer/Songwriter, Akustik-Pop und -Rock sowie Country.

    Nicky Böhm (GER)

    (shesaidso-ambassador, diversity-and-inclusion-advocate)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Willi Boehm

    Search: Information Exchange about Diversity & Inclusion in the Music Industry

    Offer: Networking, Experience

    I am a freelancer from Berlin with years of experience as a label- and product manager (including !K7, BPitch Control, Kitty-Yo). I would especially like to use the festival framework to push forward the discussion about diversity and inclusion in the industry.

    Nina Condron (gbr)

    Horus Music Limited & My Client Zone (distribution, label-services, marketing, music-technology)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Nina Condron

    Job Description: Director

    Search: Network Expansion

    Offer: Label- and Distribution Partners

    Company: Horus Music Limited & My Client Zone

    We are a British company that offers artists tailored package solutions in the areas of label services, international distribution, and marketing. Our digital distribution network, My Client Zone, currently works with 200 audio platforms.

    Peter Soltesz (hun)

    AM:PM Music (label)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Balint Czeh

    Job Description: Owner/CEO

    Search: Labels, Management, Sync, Promo

    Offer: Label Services, Bookings in Hungary

    Company: AM:PM Music

    We are an independent label from Budapest that has been active for over 10 years. As "#1 motivators & innovators" from the heart of Hungary, we help our artists gain maximum visibility.

    Ran Nir (GER, isr)

    I Am You Music Group/IMU Records (label-services, management-agency, sync, publishing)

    Accordion Indicator
    © My Roman Fagerlind

    Job Description: CEO/A&R

    Search: Distribution Partners (USA / Europa), Sync, Writing Camps

    Offer: Label Services (including Distribution, Project Management), Publishing Deals

    Company: I Am You Music Group/IMU Records

    We are a management company based in Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg that specializes in Israeli acts. Our activities also include publishing, label services, and sync.

    Ryan Farley (gbr)

    Cooking Vinyl Publishing (publishing)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Ryan Farley

    Job Description: Managing Director & Head of A&R

    Search: A&Rs, artist managers, songwriters, sync partners, creative relationships, international publishers

    Offer: UK publishing, administration, A&R, writer development, hits songs for your key projects

    Company: Cooking Vinyl Publishing

    Cooking Vinyl Publishing is a leading independent music publisher based in West London, UK. We represent songwriters worldwide, across all genres, with a focus on four pillars of music publishing; creative development, sync licensing, copyright protection and royalty administration. Our catalogue holds over 5000 titles and includes songs recorded by artists such as Paolo Nutini, MNEK, Emily Burns, Avelino, Aitch, The Waterboys, The Orb, Groove Armada and many more.

    Sara Beretta (ita)

    Metatron (label, publishing, management-agency)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Sara Beretta

    Job Description: Project Manager / Global Business Developer

    Search: Distribution Partners, Sync Agents and Projects, New Artists, Music-Tech Solutions

    Offer: Wide-Ranging Roster, Extensive Catalog

    Company: Metatron

    We are an independent Italian music company, publisher, and label with offices in Turin and Milan. Since 2004, our mission has been to make exciting, unique visions come true.

    Simeon Pranger (nld)

    Treetop Agency (booking, management-agency, event-organization)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Simeon Pranger

    Job Description: Founder/Agent

    Search: New Talent, Live- & Label Partners

    Offer: Booking in the Netherlands / Europe

    Company: Treetop Agency

    We are a booking agency based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Also active in management, events, and PR, we currently represent artists from 17 countries.

    Simon Beaudoux (fra)

    Finalistes (publishing, label)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Mathieu Drouet

    Job Description: Head of A&R / Executive Producer

    Search: Sync Options, New Artists

    Offer: Publishing, Label, Sync-Repertoire

    Company: Finalistes

    We are a Paris-based company that works with sync agencies from all over the world. Officially a "French VIP" publisher, we were recently able to provide two tracks for the Netflix production "Emily in Paris."

    Tanya Timofeeva (GER)

    Steam Music Publishing & Creative Services (publishing, sync, consulting, pr, management-agency)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Tanya Timofeeva

    Job Description: Head of Sync & Creative

    Search: Sync, Artists

    Offer: Sync Representation, Publishing, Consulting

    Company: Steam Music Publishing & Creative Services

    As an agency, we offer innovative publishing-, promo-, and sales solutions, among other things. Based in Bernau near Berlin, we are also active in the areas of sync, management, and consulting.

    Thea Zaitsev (est)

    Tier Music OÜ (publishing)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Thea Zaitsev

    Job Description: Owner / Director / Manager

    Search: Künstler*innen, Sync-Optionen

    Offer: spannende Künstler*innen aus Estland für Sync

    Company: Tier Music OÜ

    Wir sind eine Management- und Publishing-Agentur aus Tallinn. Wir arbeiten mit zahlreichen Künstler*innen aus Estland und wollen an unsere jüngsten Sync-Platzierungen (u.a. Uniqlo, Mazda, „Love Island“) anknüpfen und unser Netzwerk vergrößern.

    Tjark Köhler (GER)

    Dock 7 Records & Management / Nettwerk Music Group (marketing, management-agency, label, sales)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Linda Peisler

    Job Description: CEO/Sales Manager

    Search: Booking, Labels, Co-Management, DSP Representatives

    Offer: Label Services, Distribution, Co-Management, Consulting (EU)

    Company: Dock 7 Records & Management / Nettwerk Music Group

    We support bands and artists as a label and a management agency. In addition, we operate a field office for the Canadian Nettwerk Music Group in Hamburg.

    Torsten Cubel (dnk)

    SPANRA APS (publishing)

    Accordion Indicator
    © Torsten Cubel

    Job Description: Co-Founder

    Search: Sync Projects, Network Expansion in North America

    Offer: Publishing, Distribution

    Company: SPANRA APS

    We are an internationally operating publishing- and licensing company based in Denmark and Germany. Primarily active in sync and artist development, we also offer a distribution network.