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27 – 28 Aug 2020 from Berlin


On-Site and Online

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Three continents, two days, one goal: The Reeperbahn Festival International spin-offs for Beijing and Nashville were merged into one hybrid event this year, thereby building a bridge between North America, Asia and Europe in a contemporary way. On 27–28 August, representatives of European companies were invited to experience the new programme concept on site in Berlin under the required social distancing and safety regulations. Delegates from Europe met colleagues from China and the USA in a digital space to network and exchange ideas.

In cooperation with the American Music Business Association (Music Biz) and the WISE Music Conference in China, we are thereby strengthening the international dialogue between innovators in the content and creative industries, and the fields of science and technology, despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The programme points Panel, Receptions, Company Visits and Matchmakings were further expanded, and brought together the real and the digital. The contemporary hybrid conference format also included a digital singer-songwriter camp, streamable live showcases on site, and the presentation of this year’s Nominees for the ANCHOR – Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award 2020, including the introduction of the distinguished ANCHOR Jury.

Christian Goebel, General Manager (Motor Entertainment GmbH)

"After the cancellation of most of the conferences essential for our industry this year, our motivation for the RBF International was all the higher, combined with the interest in the ambitious hybrid concept. And I am impressed by how well the implementation succeeded: Meeting European delegates on-site in Berlin, virtually visiting Chinese companies and conducting listening sessions with colleagues in Nashville is far more than a hygienic measure, but laboratory and inspiration for future on-site and online work – although hopefully soon again with less than 1.5m distance between each other."

Jens-Markus Wegener, General Manager (Edition Intro Meisel GmbH)

"Reeperbahn Festival International – On-site and Online – from Berlin was the first hybrid convention I attended and I would like to take this opportunity to praise the organizers. The coordination of 40 European delegates with digital music managers from China and Nashville worked surprisingly well.

The highlight for me was the matchmaking sessions with American publishers and record companies from Nashville as well as many really exciting online sessions with Chinese music companies. The publishing market is certainly still underdeveloped, but I talked to three companies that also operate publishing divisions and we will try to develop concepts on how Meisel music publishers can do business in China. The matchmaking contacts from Nashville that I got from Reeperbahn Festival International were also publishing houses and service providers operating at a high level. Again, I would like to praise the Reeperbahn Festival operators for the quality of the contacts.

Conclusion: a really successful event with valuable new contacts, where I could learn a lot more. Therefore a huge thank you goes to the entire Reeperbahn Festival team!"

Lutz Leichsenring, Co-Founder VibeLab, Initiator United We Stream

"Reeperbahn International was a concise program and a great opportunity to connect to inspiring people on three continents. Especially the matchmaking sessions were a huge opportunity to exchange contacts and thoughts with high level executives. We're glad to contribute to this innovative format by streaming on United We Stream and moderating the China-Europe panel."

Felipe Mina Calvo, ATC Live

"In a year that was not what we were all expecting, this experience was the first encounter I had with fellow colleagues in the music industry for some months. Since delegates were based in Europe, Asia and North America making it run smoothly was a challenge solved through a really practical and friendly digital platform.

Through experience, I was able to connect with colleagues from China and the United States and develop new relations and getting a real sense of what is happening in other parts of the world in these uncertain times. Connecting and communicating is still a very important part of what we do in our day to day and I’m looking forward to how will these virtual dynamics change the ways we work and the connections we create."

Reeperbahn Festival International is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office and ANCHOR – Reeperbahn Festival International Music Award by The Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media. Keychange is co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

Thursday 27 August, 12:00- 12:45 pm


Official kick off for the European Reeperbahn Festival International delegation taking place in person at Festsaal Kreuzberg in Berlin. In this spacious venue, the delegation can individually network in person, observing the implemented Covid-19 related regulations, and will be digitally connected with their US and Chinese counterparts via the newly developed digital event platform.

Alex Schulz, CEO, Reeperbahn Festival
Christina Schäfers, Project Lead Keychange, Reeperbahn Festival
Philipp Grefer, Founder, WISE
Evelyn Sieber, Project Lead Reeperbahn Festival International Berlin, Reeperbahn Festival
Patrick Daniel, Delegation Coordinator & Program Co-Curator, Reeperbahn Festival International

Thursday 27 August, 1:00 - 2:00 pm

COMPANY VISIT Beijing: "Maybe Mars Records"

A digital company visit to Maybe Mars Records, an indie music label that was started in Beijing in the summer of 2007 and since then identifies, promotes and supports talented young Chinese musicians and artists. Their current catalogue includes many of China’s exciting, new and ground-breaking bands and musicians like Carsick Cars, P.K.14, Hiperson, Birdstriking, Snapline, Demerit, White+ and more.

Lolly Fan, Senior Director, Maybe Mars Records

Thursday 27 August, 3:00 - 4:00 pm

Livestream: ANCHOR Jury and Nominee Announcement

This year the ANCHOR 2020 Jury and Nominees, will be announced together for the first time. Watch the livestream here or on the Reeperbahn Festival YouTube channel.


Hadnet Tesfai


Portia Sabin (President Music Business Association - Music Biz)
Dr. Carsten Brosda (Senator of the Department for Culture and Media)
Alex Schulz (CEO Reeperbahn Festival)

Thursday 27 August, 4:15 - 6:30 pm


Working closely with our partner Music Biz to pre-curate a meeting-schedule between US and European delegates. Over 2 hours, every delegate now has the chance in this programme slot to enter into meetings of approx. 10 minutes with a suitable selection of potential business partners.

Thursday 27 August, 6:45 - 7:45 pm

PANEL: Building The Bridge - Creative Collaboration Between the US & Europe

Shared strategies and close working collaborations between two (or three or four) continents is nothing new – but it is ever-evolving, especially in the time of the COVID-19 global crisis. The industry is increasingly becoming more borderless as boundaries are shifting because of new partnerships, delegation programmes, communication tools, and revenue-generating outlets. Music Biz and Reeperbahn Festival are bringing together a panel of international industry executives to talk about their experiences and exchange perspectives on how everyone can work together to keep growing the global music business in our current state ... and beyond.

Moderation and Expert:

Katarina Becic, Ableton, Head Of Social Channels, Head of Programs for Women in Music, part of Keychange, Germany


Julie Hurwitz, Kobalt Music, Co-Head Of Synch, USA
R. Caiaffa, SoundCloud, Head of Major Label Relations, USA
Vivien Mierzkalla - Secretly Group, Label Manager Germany & Austria, Germany
Ben Swanson - Secretly Group, Co-Founder, USA

Thursday 27 August, 9:00 - 10:00 pm

Singer-Songwriters Session “Survive and Thrive”

Survive and Thrive’ – Songwriting in times of the pandemic

In the run-up to the Reeperbahn Festival International – On-Site and Online – 27–28 August from Berlin event, a digital singer-songwriters camp took place. The camp was aimed at artists and writers who want to use the limitations of this time to their advantage and open themselves and their art to new territories and explore paths into the international songwriting business. During the camp the international singer-songwriters met, wrote together and learned about each other’s markets. The results of the sessions will now be heard and discussed with experts from Nashville and Germany in a joint listening session after the camp on this evening of the 27 August, partly digitally and partly in person at the venue in Berlin.


Jeremy Lister
Jason OK
Laura Roy
Bre Kennedy
Madi Diaz
Jannik Brunke
The Brummies
Dennis Neuer
Leah Nobel
Penelope Antena
Hedda Mae
Krysten Simone

Presentation & Experts:

Natalie Osborne
Mike Bachta  
Karen Norbakk

Friday 28 August, 09:00 - 10:00 am

PANEL: Challenges and opportunities in the live music industry for China & Europe

A panel by WISE and Reeperbahn Festival focused on the live music industry and its current challenges and perspectives e.g. live music streaming plus other digital alternatives to generate a revenue as well as an outlook on when cross-continental touring might become possible again and what artists need to have to make concert - and nightlife fans go “wow!”.

Moderation and Expert:

Lutz Leichsenring (United We Stream, VibeLab), Germany


Xinzi Han (Supermodified), China
Jef Vreys (New Noise), China
Géraldine Zanaska (Compass Music), France
Marcus Fitzgerald (gigmit), Germany

Friday 28 August, 10:15 am - 12:15 pm


Working closely with our partner WISE to pre-curate a meeting-schedule between Chinese and European delegates. Over 2 hours, every delegate now has the chance to enter into meetings of approx. 10 minutes with a suitable selection of potential business contacts.

Friday 28 August, 12:30 pm - 1:15 pm

COMPANY VISIT Shanghai: “Uptown”

A digital company visit at Uptown, a record store in Shanghai that started in 2010, dealing in vinyl from all genres and from all over the place: rock, punk 7", indie rock, dubstep, house, techno, reggae and much more. The store works e.g. with well-known Chinese indie labels like Maybe Mars Records or Modern Sky as well as small ones like the Shanghai local labels like Eating Music or Letter Records and therefore is a meeting hub for the local indie scene and vinyl lovers.

Friday 28 August, 2:15 pm - 3:15 pm

Keynote Presentations - HOW TO CHINA

Three experts sharing their knowledge, tips and experience on how to enter the Chinese music market.

Keynote presenters:

Tony Li (ACRCloud), China/Germany
Dr. Joern Radloff (Digital Music Industry Executive), UK/China
Anne Jenniskens (Paradise Entertainment & Distribution), Germany

Friday 28 August, 3:30 - 4:15

COMPANY VISIT: Universal Music Group Nashville

A digital company visit at Universal Music Group Nashville for an exclusive opportunity to meet with its top execs and to learn more about the inner workings of the largest major label in Music City. Recently (before COVID-19) moved into a brand new beautiful office facility overlooking the Nashville skyline, the label group is home to global superstar Country and crossover artists such as Carrie Underwood, Luke Bryan, Sam Hunt, Kacey Musgraves, among many others. UMG Nashville is especially tuned into the importance of cultivating global partnerships in the EU and beyond and is excited for the opportunity to meet with the Reeperbahn Festival delegation.



Michael Harris, EVP & COO, UMG Nasvhille
Annie Ortmeier, VP, Marketing – Digital Accounts
Brad Turcotte, VP, Marketing

Friday 28 August, 4:30 - 5:15

COMPANY VISIT Nashville: Big Yellow Dog

A digital company visit at Big Yellow Dog, Nashville's music community, and specifically it's style of songwriter / artist development, is unlike any other. Publishing home to international singer/songwriter Meghan Trainor among others – Big Yellow Dog is one of Music City's most prominent independent publishing and artist development companies. Join members of their team as they take you on a journey inside their evolution since starting over 20 years ago. They'll also show you how a "publishing house" operates and what it truly means to work on Nashville's iconic Music Row.


Lauren Funk, Big Yellow Dog
Kara Wintergrass, Big Yellow Dog
Jacee Badeux, Big Yellow Dog
Sophie Hopkins, Big Yellow Dog

Friday 28 August, 6:30 pm - 10:00 pm

Livestream: Showcase Night

Watch the livestream here or on the Reeperbahn Festival YouTube channel; Moderator: Sara Kelly-Husain (Hamburg, Germany)

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