Emily Whigham
(ger, usa)


Emily Whigham has been working as a journalist and presenter for various TV stations, in the event sector, at trade fairs and for large companies for over 25 years. The American, who is based in Germany became known for her work on entertainment formats such as NBC GIGA, Viva, AppsNight and CNN Deutschland, hosting thousands of hours of live television shows and interviewing just as many celebrities. In the past few years her focus and the focus of her clients has shifted more and more, and now professionally as well as privately she concentrates on the topics of sustainability, innovations, fair trade, women in the business world, culture and promoting young talent. She is an active member of futurewoman.de. Together with her friend and co-host Janine Steeger she can be heard in „Grüner geht’s halt nicht.“ - a podcast about living sustainably.

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