31 May – 3 Jun 2021


31 May - 3 June - PAN-AFRICA

ACCES 2019 © So Fraiche

In close cooperation with the Music In Africa Foundation, Reeperbahn Festival International is working on a four-day program consisting of networking events, curated 1:1 matchmaking sessions with top decision makers in the African music and creative industries, panels, keynotes, insightful digital company visits to key African music companies, and a hybrid showcase experience with European and African artists. This spring, Reeperbahn Festival International PAN-AFRIKA is explicitly intended to be Pan-African, just like the partner event Acces with its changing locations on the continent. The last Acces took place in Autumn 2019 in Accra, Ghana, and in November 2021 it will be held in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania.


All information about the application as a delegate as well as the public B2B program on the Reeperbahn Festival Conference Plattform are available here.

Part of the event will be an additional Songwriting Camp which will be connecting authors, producers and artists from both continents the week before the event, organized by ROBA Music Publishing. More info: international@reeperbahnfestival.com

Monday 31 May, approx 5 - 9 pm


Official Kick Off for the European delegation of Reeperbahn Festival International Pan-Africa to network and get to know the partner, the Music In Africa Foundation.

Tuesday 1 June, approx 2 - 5 pm


In several selected digital company visits, African music industry professionals will give the European delegation valuable insights into their work and into the individual local and national markets.

Wednesday 2 June, approx 2 - 5 pm


During the SESSIONS various experts will present and discuss via talks, panels, keynotes and/or workshops the connections between the European and the African music markets and provide all participants with specific ideas and impulses regarding new or more in-depth opportunities for cooperation.

Thursday 3 June, approx 2 - 5 pm


In close cooperation with the partner Music In Africa Foundation, a One-On-One meeting schedule between African decision-makers and each member of the European delegation will be curated - individually adjusted to the goals and interests of all delegates. Over 1,5-2 hours, all delegates in this program slot will then have the opportunity to participate in digital meetings of approximately 10 minutes with potential business partners or project partners from Africa.

Review 2019

  • © So Fraiche
  • ACCES 2019 © So Fraiche
  • ACCES 2019 © Reeperbahn Festival
  • Gato Preto © So Fraiche
  • Lucia de Carvalho © Music In Africa
  • ACCES 2019 © So Fraiche
  • Songhoy Blues © Music In Africa

From 28 - 30 November 2019, Reeperbahn Festival visited the African continent for the first time with a delegation and artists and immersed itself in the local music scene of Ghana's capital at the Music In Africa Conference for Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases (ACCES).

With a 30-strong European delegation, Reeperbahn Festival travelled to Accra to dedicate itself full of enthusiasm and curiosity to the African music market, make contacts and get to know existing networks and institutions in Ghana and beyond. The event started with various tours through the local music industry and music scene with visits to various local studios, labels and other interesting companies.

On two panels curated by Reeperbahn Festival, new trends and changes in the respective music markets and European and African partnerships and opportunities were discussed.

The showcase acts Songhoy Blues played in front of an enthusiastic audience on the first day of the opening event, Gato Preto gave an impressive performance on Friday with a lot of energy and Lúcia de Carvalho enchanted the audience on the closing evening of ACCES 2019 with her unique compositions!

Many thanks to ACCES 2019!