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28. - 30. November 2019


Medase, Accra!

© So Fraiche

From 28 - 30 November, Reeperbahn Festival visited Ghana‘s capital for the first time and immersed itself in the music and the local scene in Accra.

Impressions from the journey

Jonathan Jules & Matthias Henning (BMG Rights Management GmbH, DE):

„For us it was important to travel with likeminded colleagues from around the industry to Africa at these very exciting times where everybody is trying to understand the chances of the market. Thanks to participating in this delegation we were able to exchange ideas and see where opportunities exist. We met great people during ACCES, got really good insights and believe we definitely made the right decision joining the Reeperbahn Festival International Accra delegation.“

Kimberly Tanikromo (Next Era Publishing, NL):

„We`ve been in contact with ACCES earlier, and when we learned Reeperbahn Festival International is sending a delegation, two great things came together. The conference and the additional programme Reeperbahn Festival organized during ACCES tremendously helped to get into contact with local artists and producers. Especially the additional company visits and studio tours were so insightful and close to the local music scene that we find us already now in the final steps of closing our first deal here thanks to these excursions.“

Vanessa Poku (Roba Music Publishing, DE):

„My father is a Ghanaian, so I’ve already been to Ghana on my own a few times. But to travel with the Reeperbahn Festival International delegation was a big chance to combine my passion for music, my roots and business. It really opens doors and I’ve learned a lot about the music business in Africa especially in Ghana and have met great and interesting people. Networking was really good. I’ve been in touch with lot of good artists. I‘m very happy to had this opportunity and join the delegation team.“

In cooperation with ACCES, the "Music In Africa Conference for Collaborations, Exchange and Showcases", we have arranged a diverse programme of concerts, discussions and networking events for all delegates.

ACCES started on Thursday, 28 November with the opening evening.

On Friday and Saturday the conference was in full swing during the day and concerts at night. Both including elements of Reeperbahn Festival International, such as panels, curated matches with African music industry decision-makers and alike during the day, as well as performances of international artists integrated in the ACCES line up at night.

The Reeperbahn Festival International Programme is sponsored by the German Foreign Office. Delegates of small and medium-sized companies selected in the previous application process received a travel allowance, delegates of larger companies travelled at their own expense.

Thu. 28 November

Tour into the local Accra music scene and industry

Recording studios, record shops and more

The programme will provide company representatives and artists with an opportunity to delve into the complex African music scene during visits to studios, labels, record shops and cultural institutions, and gain insights into the music business working conditions in Accra, one of the busiest cities of the African continent whose music market is presently the fastest growing in the world.

Thu. 28 November, starting from 7:00 pm, Alliance Française

Official ACCES opening concert night

incl. Reeperbahn Festival International Act Songhoy Blues

Fr. 29 November, 1:45 - 2:55 pm, Auditorium (The Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences)

Navigating the recording and distribution industries in a changing environment

Exchange about changes and trends through the digital revolution


Ralph Boege, CEO and founder, Paradise Entertainment & Distribution (DE)
Joe Chialo, Managing Director, Airforce1 Records (DE)
Aibee Abidoye, Executive Vicepresident, Chocolate City Group (NG)
Rob Cowling, General manager, Gallo Music Group (ZA)


Sarah-Jane Nicholson, SJN Agency (NL/ZA)


While empowering musicians, the digital revolution has introduced numerous changes across the music industry value chain. While these changes vary in different markets, there are many similarities that continue to influence the way record labels and distribution platforms function, and plan for the future. What are these changes and new trends? How do we adapt and benefit as musicians and as an industry?

Fr. 29 November, starting from 7:00 pm, The Gold Coast Hub

Showcases by ACCES & Reeperbahn Festival International

Reeperbahn Festival International Act: Gato Preto

Sa. 30 November, 2:30 - 3:40 pm, Auditorium (The Ghana Academy of Arts and Sciences)

Fostering collaboration between African and European music markets

Exchanges on European and African partnerships and opportunities for education, cooperation and performance


Roberto Hacaturian, Artlink (CH)
Trond Tornes, NoordRights (NO)
Stefanie Schumann, Delicious Tunes (DE)
Pamela Owusu-Brenyah, Afro x Pop (DE)
Okhiogbe Omonblanks Omonhinmin, Asa Baako One Dance Music Festival (GH)


Andre le Roux (ZA)


The constant rise of technology has blurred geographic barriers and created a global music marketplace. This is sometimes best exemplified by the many collaborations between African and European markets, companies, artists, labels and other players. During this panel, active players from Europe and Africa will discuss the importance of investing in ongoing partnerships and talk about the educational, collaborative and performance opportunities available today.

Sa. 30 November, starting from 8:00 pm, Alliance Française

Showcases by ACCES & Reeperbahn Festival International

Reeperbahn Festival International Act: Lúcia de Carvalho


  • ACCES 2019 © So Fraiche
  • ACCES 2019 © So Fraiche
  • ACCES 2019 © Reeperbahn Festival
  • Gato Preto © So Fraiche
  • Lucia de Carvalho © Music In Africa
  • ACCES 2019 © So Fraiche
  • Songhoy Blues © Music In Africa