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From Hamburg across Europe and out into the world: For 15 years, Reeperbahn Festival has represented musical curiosity and networking. As a platform for pop culture, it also reflects the zeitgeist in music, economy and society - both nationally and globally.

In recent years, Reeperbahn Festival has presented performances internationally in places such as Austin, New York and Mexico. The global network has also been steadily expanded within the framework of the initiative "Germany Year USA". With the experience gained, the increasing demand from a variety of music industry players as well as our desire to support contemporary music culture and its economy in a more direct way, we have decided to expand and consolidate our commitment even further. In cooperation with the German Foreign Office we have launched spin-offs in five musical melting pots in Africa, Asia and the USA:

Reeperbahn Festival Accra

Reeperbahn Festival Nashville

Reeperbahn Festival New York

Reeperbahn Festival Los Angeles

Reeperbahn Festival Beijing.


We know that cooperation and co-organization are more important than ever in the music industry, which is predominantly shaped by small and medium-sized companies. Therefore, we invite interested German and European market participants to take advantage of our annual program offers abroad and to actively participate in shaping them.

Under the infrastructural and communicative umbrella of the Reeperbahn Festival we offer the following:

  • - Exclusive insights and contacts in new, emerging and often elusive markets (e.g. office visits, workshops, face-to-face dialogue, networking formats)

  • - Artist showcases for industry representatives, the media and visitors

  • - Project, topic, or product presentations in front of experts and decision makers (panels, product presentations)

  • - Trend scouting regarding new musical developments and market-relevant impulses


Registration forms for our various program offers abroad can be found here.